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Wild Forest

New Release

Joanella, a Faerie's Tale

In an Enchanted Forest called Bristol Wood, a tiny Daoine Sidhe faerie named Joanella lives a free and easy life of independence until she falls in love with a mortal man. Her love turns to obsession and her life slides into depravity as she bargains for all the magic she needs to be with him. Meanwhile, all around her, a new religious movement grows and pits the forest animals against the community of pixies, gnomes and faeries. Violence erupts as the animals and the enchanted clash for supremacy of Bristol Wood. Unlike any faerie tale ever written, Joanella waits for you, my dear readers.

Warning: Language, Violence.

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Joanella A Faerie's Tale book cover with the image of Joanella's Dagger

New Release

Queen of Saturn

and Other Tales

Queen of Saturn is comprised of three short stories which begins with the  saga of the space Ark, Leona_3 and ends with the crew of the Hurricane Hunters fighting off an attack from an alien force. In the middle is the story of a Physicist on vacation at a remote lake. Reality becomes clouded  after a chance meeting with a pair of scientists coincides with his dreams, where he meets the Queen of Saturn.  His dreams and reality combine as the tenants of divinity and science join forces to confront the Angel of Earth.

Queen of Saturn book cover with image from Henry's dream. D R Clarke

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Book Three


It's England, the eighteen hundreds and as Londoners go about there business, far below their feet lies the kingdom of Godaka Oy. Older than the Roman Empire, this technically advance civilization has gone to great lengths to stay hidden from above, only to find a greater secret has been kept from them. The two sisters of the McEwin clan, Georgia and Dakota unwillingly get swept into the drama and find themself deep underground and separated. As civil war threatens the kingdom, the two sisters find themself in separate warring camps and desperately trying to fine each other. This is book three of the McEwin clan saga.

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Pacifica book cover, Cavern, D R Clarke, Steampunk,

Book One

Book Two

Dela Luna

Independent research scientist, Stefan Kammercel had just discovered a way to create artificial muscles using rare metal and radium light, but ends up bankrupt in the attempt. His fortunes are changed when a wealthy man commissions him to build a clockwork ballerina for his niece. Stefan calls upon the services of Lev Barshe, the worlds greatest clock builder to help in the effort but espionage moves in as evil forces steal the remarkable automaton for military purposes. Follow Stefan and his companions as they chase their foes across Russia to retrieve the dancer. This is book is illustrated by the Dark Bunny and is book two in the McEwin clan saga.

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Dela Luna Front Cover, D R Clarke, Clockwork Dancer, Steampunk

Book One

Spies of the Silk Trade

An airship captain, Major McEwin and an industrial spy, Vienna Dubois are on a collision course in Sri Lanka. Unwillingly caught up in international intrigue the two must join forces as the captain and crew of the submarine Poseidon meets the crew of the airship Master of the World and head for China. Using the cover of darkness, the sub runs upriver from the China sea to deposit a rescue squad attempting to spring the Major who is languishing in a Chinese prison. The is the first book in the McEwin series and is followed by three more. The book is illustrated by the Dark Bunny.

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Spies of the silk trade cover, D R Clarke, Steampunk novel.
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