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D R Clarke Biography

D R Clarke, steampunk, author,

D R Clarke began his artistic journey back in high school when he joined a band as a keyboard player. After high school, he moved to Costa Mesa, California, where he sang and played acoustic guitar in bars. Returning to Connecticut, he resumed his education and received an associate’s degree in electrical engineering. From there, he worked for notable companies like Duracell, GE, and Nestle Foods. After years of industrial electronics and computer programming, he found music again and started writing his own compositions. Using the electronic skills he had learned over the years, he built his own recording studio. After meeting up with a talented singer, Stacey Mendyka, the two formed Venus Lens Cap, a Steampunk Band, and began touring.

Wanting their performance to be more than just music, Clarke started writing stories as inspiration to create songs. These stories began the McEwin Saga, a series of books that followed the lineage of a family from England and their many adventures down through the generations. During the pandemic, the Steampunk venues vanished and the touring ended. During the off time, D R Clarke switched to a new genre—Grimdark and explored the seedy side of fables in Joanella, a Faerie’s Tale, and a divine human’s look at Science in Queen of Saturn. Clarke continues to write as he works on the final Steampunk series book Destination Gibraltar and adds a new deep grimdark story called The Lobsterman. D R Clarke lives happily in Connecticut with his wife and son, along with a myriad of wildlife that occupies his backyard. Venus Lens Cap music can still be found on Youtube.

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