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D R Clarke

Author of Steampunk and Grimdark Fantasy.

New Release

Joanella, a Faerie's Tale

In an Enchanted Forest called Bristol Wood, a tiny Daoine Sidhe faerie named Joanella lives a free and easy life of independence until she falls in love with a mortal man. Her love turns to obsession and her life slides into depravity as she bargains for all the magic she needs to be with him. Meanwhile, all around her, a new religious moment grows and pits the forest animals against the community of pixies, gnomes and faeries. Violence erupts as the animals and the enchanted clash for supremacy of Bristol Wood. Unlike any faerie tale ever written, Joanella waits for you, my dear readers.


Joanella a faerie's tale, faerie,farie,D R Clarke

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D R Clarke will be participating  at the

Book Find Readers Fest

Carousel Museum, 95 Riverside Ave, Bristol, CT 06010

Aug 12 2023

11:00 AM to 5:30PM

D R Clarke, profile. steampunk author
D R Clarke, steampunk, author,steampunk author

About D R Clarke

Over the past ten years, D R Clarke has authored five books. Two in the Grimdark genre, and three in the Steampunk genre. Clarke has had long time standing in the Steampunk community where he composed music for the band {Venus Lens Cap.}

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